Re-live your precious moments

through beautiful photos!


I am Agni, a photographer from India. I take great pride in capturing the real emotions of people and honest reflections of life. My name stands for fire, and the spirit of photography burns bright within me. Through my passion and my love for nature, I have explored some of the most beautiful places. Focusing on landscape and travel photography, I find limitless avenues of expression in this world. After all, a picture can be worth a thousand words, with no language as a barrier.

May I help you?

I help you to freeze and frame those beautiful moments which will in turn form the most cherished memories across generations. I do photography for Newborn, Family, Portraits, Headshots, Products, Weddings, and Events.

I welcome you to explore my portfolio where you can see a glimpse of my past works. Feel free to contact me if you love my style. If you have ideas and it doesn’t fit in the above categories I am always available for a discussion.

sunset at vizhinjam long exposure